martedì 29 luglio 2008

The Hobbits: Down to Middle-Earth

Down to Middle-Earth
The Hobbits
Etichetta Decca Records (DL74920), Stati Uniti1967
Produttore Terry Philips
Durata LP 28’ : 02’’
Membri della Band sono Jimmy Curtiss, Tony Luizza e Zok Russo
Genere Psychedelic Pop/Sunshine Pop

1. Down to Middle Earth
2. I'm Just a Young Man
3. Daffodil Days
4. Break Away
5. Treats
6. Hands and Knees
7. Let Me Run My Fingers Through Your Mind
8. Out of My Mind
9. Clap Hands 'Til Daddy Comes Home
10. Sunny Day Girl

One of those albums that's probably more revered for its nomenclatorial devotion to all things Tolkien than for its musical content, Down to Middle Earth is, in fact, barely distinguishable from a host of other workmanlike psych-era albums, with the Hobbits themselves revealed as a New York quintet firmly in debt to the Turtles and/or the Hollies. Well-arranged melodies and picture-perfect harmonies do grab the attention in places -- elements of "Let Me Run My Fingers Through Your Mind" recall the Beach Boys; elsewhere, moments conjure visions of a more psilocybically aware Monkees. Overall, however, the overriding impression of the Hobbits is a band that sounded psychedelic because that's what was selling at the time. In other words, not every lost psych gem is worth its weight in gold. Some are scarcely worth the vinyl they were pressed on.
- Allmusic

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