lunedì 29 agosto 2011

The Children of Hurin, 1° eidizione HarperCollins 2007

The Children of Húrin

di J.R.R. Tolkien

A cura di Christopher Tolkien

1a Edizione 2007

HarperCollins, Londra

Illustrazioni di Alan Lee

Rilegato con sovraccoperta.

Include un pieghevole, a fine libro, con la Mappa classica del Beleriand di Christopher Tolkien. Inoltre ci sono otto tavole a colori e numerose illustrazioni in bianco e nero di Alan Lee.


Tolkien fans are sure to treasure this tale of Middle-earth's First Age, which appeared in incomplete forms in the posthumously published The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. Those earlier books, also edited by Tolkien's son, Christopher, only hinted at the depth and power of the tragic story of Túrin and Niënor, the children of Húrin, the lord of Dor-lómin, who achieved renown for having confronted Morgoth, who was the master of Sauron, the manifestation of evil in the Lord of the Rings. The lengthy and fatiguing battle against Morgoth forms the backdrop for the moving account of the life of Húrin's eldest son, Túrin, a valiant but proud warrior whose all too human frailties augur an unhappy end. Perhaps Tolkien's most three-dimensional figure, Túrin flees from the elven kingdom where he has grown into manhood, sheltered from the forces of evil, after he's unjustly judged responsible for another's death. He hides his true identity as he begins a new life as leader of a band of outlaws, a choice that has dire consequences when he crosses paths with a family member after many years of separation. Deftly balancing thrilling battles with moments of introspection, Tolkien's vivid and gripping narrative reaffirms his primacy in fantasy literature.