venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

The Tolkien and Middle-Earth Handbook, edizione inglese 1992

The Tolkien and Middle-Earth Handbook
di Colin Duriez
Introduzione di Brian Sibley
Monarch, Kent, 1° ed. 1992, pp. 317
Illustrazioni di copertina di Rodney Matthews

Note di copertina
‘A welcome addition to any Tolkien reader’s bookshelf … It is impossibile to read Mr Duriez’s book without wating to reread Professor Tolkien’s books – an undoubted compliment to both authors.’
- Brian Sibley

The Tolkien and Middle-Earth Handbook is intended to introduce, or remind readers of, the sheer abundance of Tolkien’s imagination. Its careful selection allows detailes examination of key themes, thus allowing a firm grasp of the main concerns in Tolkien’s remarkable life and writings.
An ideal guide for all who occasionally lose their way in Middle-Earth.

Colin Duriez is General Books Editor for Inter-Varsity Press. He lives in Leicestershire with his wife Barbara and their children. He is also author of the C.S. Lewis Handobook.