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The Silmarillion, edizione inglese del 1988 firmato da Roger Garland

The Silmarillion

di J.R.R. Tolkien

A cura di Christopher Tolkien

Unwin Paperbacks, 2° ed., 1988, Londra

Copertina: Roger Garland

Il volume è firmato da Roger Garland


The Silmarillion is an account of the Elder Days, of the First Age of Tolkien's world. It is the ancient drama to which the characters in The Lord of the Rings look back, and in whose events some of them such as Elrond and Galadriel took part. The tales of The Silmarillion are set in an age when Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, dwelt in Middle-Earth, and the High Elves made war upon him for the recovery of the Silmarils.

The three Silmarils were jewels created by Feanor, most gifted of the Elves. Within them were imprisoned the Light of the Two Trees of Valinor before the Trees themselves were destroyed by Morgoth. Thereafter the unsullied Light of Valinor lived on only in the Silmarils; but they were seized by Morgoth and set in his crown, guarded in the fortress of Angband in the month of Middle-earth

The Silmarillion is the history of the rebellion of Feanor and his kindred against the gods, their exile from Valinor and return to Middle-earth and their war, hopeless despite their heroism, against the great Enemy. Included in the book are several shorter works. The Ainulindale is a myth of the Creation and in the Valaquenta the nature and powers of each of the gods is described. The Akallabeth recounts the downfall of the great island kingdom of Numenor at the end of the Second Age and Of the Rings of Power tells of the great events at the end of the Third Age, as narrated in The Lord of the Rings.

The Map of Beleriand e Lands to the North sono pubblicate nelle ultime pagine del volume.

Quenta Silmarillion

(The History of Silmarils)


(The Music of the Ainur9


(Account of the Valar)


(The Downfall of Numenor)

Of The Rings of Power and the Third Age