giovedì 15 settembre 2011

Bored Of The Rings

Bored Of The Rings
Gollancz, Londra, 2003, pp. 228
Douglas C. Kenny, Henry N. Beard, and The Harvard Lampoon
Genere Comedy Fantasy
Rilegato con sovraccoperta

For more than 30 years, rumours have spread of a dark and wicked manuscript that came from out of the fabled west.
It tells of the adventures of Frito, his 'faithful' companion Spam, the wizard Goodgulf, Arrowroot the ranger, Legolam the elf and Gimlet the dwarf as they take THAT ring to the Zazu pits of Fordor.
Even though it takes only one volume not three, it is a long and periless journey, for the untrustworthy companions are dogged by the doleful Goddamn and hunted by Sorhed's fearsome minions, the Nozdrul.
Dare you follow them?
Inspired, irrevelent, rude, occasionally downright silly, "Bored of the Rings"is, nevertheless, an always affectionate parody of the century's greatest book.
It is both laugh out loud funny and a tribute to the enduring power of Tolkien's masterpiece.