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The Return of the King Special Edition 2003, di Howard Shore

The Lord of the Rings
The Return of the King
Special edition
Anno: 25 novembre 2003
Genere: Colonna sonora
Cofanetto simil pelle color amaranto con scritte color oro

Musiche di: Howard Shore
Performed by: The London Philarmonic Orchestra; The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Cori: The London Voices e The London Oratory School Schola
Voci soliste: Annie Lennox
Prodotto da: Reprise Records

1. CD
2. DVD
3. book fotografico, pp. 28
4. 7 immagini palstificate f/r degli attori
5. 1 foglio con 14 francobolli con i personaggi del film
Durata: 68 min.

1. A Storm is Coming
2. Hope and Memory
3. Minas Tirith, Featuring Ben del Maestro
4. The White Tree
5. The Steward of Gondor, Featuring Billy Boyd              
6. Minas Morgul
7. The Ride of the Rohirrim
8. Twilight and Shadow, Featuring Renée Fleming
9. Cirith Ungol
10. Andúril
11. Shelob's Lair
12. Ash and Smoke
13. The Fields of the Pelennor
14. Hope Fails
15. The Black Gate Opens, Featuring Sir James Galway
16. The End of All Things, Featuring Renée Fleming       
17. The Return of the King, Featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen and Renée Fleming
18. The Grey Havens
Featuring Sir James Galway
19. Into the West, Composed by Annie Lennox, Howard Shore and Fran Walsh, Performed by Annie Lennox