domenica 18 marzo 2012

The Two Towers Special Edition 2002, di Howard Shore

The Lord of the Rings
The Two Towers
Special edition
Anno: 10 dicembre 2002
Genere: Colonna sonora
Cofanetto simil pelle color azzuro con scritte color oro
Musiche di: Howard Shore
Performed by: The London Philarmonic Orchestra; The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Cori: The London Voices e The London Oratory School Schola
Voci soliste: Emilia Torrini
Prodotto da: Reprise Records
1. 1 CD
2. book fotografico, pp. 22
Durata: 68 min.

1. Foundations of Stone
2. The Taming of Sméagol          
3. The Riders of Rohan
4. The Passage of the Marshes
5. The Uruk-hai
6. The King of the Golden Hall
7. The Black Gate is Closed
8. Evenstar, Featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian
9. The White Rider
10. Treebeard
11. The Leave Taking
12. Helm's Deep
13. The Forbidden Pool
14. Breath of Life, Featuring Sheila Chandra
15. The Hornburg
16. Forth Eorlingas, Featuring Ben Del Maestro
17. Isengard Unleashed, Featuring Elizabeth Fraser and Ben Del Maestro
18. Samwise the Brave
19. Gollum's Song, Performed by Emiliana Torrini
                Bonus Track      
20. Farewell to Lórien