venerdì 22 agosto 2014

A Guide to Tolkien di David Day con la copertina firmata da Linda Garland

A Guide to Tolkien
di David Day
Mitchell Beazley, 2002, pp. 271
Illustrazioni interne di autori vari
Illustrazione di copertina di Linda Garland

La copertina presenta l’illustrazione Breaking of the Fellowship di Linda Garland.

Un libro che nasce dal precedente lavoro di Day, ATolkien Bestiary del 1979.

Full of beatiful illustrationd, this book is an indispensable guide to the rich mythical world of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands.

Arranged in a handy A-Z format, this book explores and explains the creatures, plants, events and places that make up these strange and wonderful lands, and is essential reading for anyone who loves Tolkien's works and wants to learn more about them.